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Sandy's journey of building her own business from scratch into a multi-million dollar business without any business experience (she has a degree in broadcasting/journalism) has given her keen insight into curating interviews of other entrepreneurs.

Sharing the stories behind small businesses inspires people on many levels. Whether they've been holding a great product idea in their head or whether they're stuck at a certain plateau in business, hearing others talk about their mistakes and lessons learned coupled with the unconventional path to success that most entrepreneurs take, offers a powerful message that anything is possible. This message comes at a time when the US economy needs small businesses to continue to grow and thrive.

Sandy Abrams has built an active & engaged community online that has come from readers of both her business start up book titled Your Idea, Inc. and her featured blog on the Huffington Post Small Business vertical.

Interview with founder and creative director Sherry West of childrenswear brand, Daisy & Blu.

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Three ways Jeanologia is making denim production and manufacturing more sustainable through its innovative technologies and processes. 

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If you are an apparel, footwear, or accessories designer who has decided to launch your own line, there comes a time when you want grow your line. In order to develop better brand awareness and build revenue, you have to increase your product distribution.