Behind the Booth with Ferrer Shoes & Handbags

Behind the Booth with Ferrer Shoes & Handbags

Thursday, January 08 2015

Joaquim Ferrer began his fashion career as a Barcelona based women’s clothing designer in the early 1970’s. He was recognized as one of the best designers in Spain. His son, Joaquim Ferrer III, now brings the line to debut in the USA. He works alongside his father, mother and uncle as the Ferrer family brand continues to grow.  

The younger Ferrer talks about the continuation of the brand and how they have streamlined from clothing to shoes and handbags. Ferrer designs the shoes and handles sales while his father designs the complementary handbags. His mother and uncle take care of logistics. Ferrer says:

My father went into the world of fashion at a very young age, influenced by my grandmother who was involved in corsetry. I have been passionate about shoes since childhood and decided to design my own line in 2006. It was not easy. We had many production problems, but I was encouraged to continue because the public reaction was very good. Today, we sell our line in some of the most iconic cities of Europe, including Barcelona, Paris, St. Tropez, Sanremo, Bellagio and Portofino.

Ferrer products are made in Spain, utilizing a traditional process since they are cut and sewn by hand. The materials and leathers are designed at their headquarters in Barcelona, Spain and produced in Tuscany, Italy. The end result is a high-end fusion of Spanish and Italian materials and craftsmanship.  

Although the company has changed, the structure remains the same.  Ferrer is a family business that is driven by a collective passion for glamourous fashion. Ferrer says. “We put all our passion and strength into our work. That's the essence of the firm. We create collections that clearly reflect our enthusiasm.”

Ferrer describes their customer as a contemporary woman with a strong personality, who is sophisticated and feminine. Their client searches for exclusivity in fashion to differentiate with a certain elegance. Ferrer adds, “We offer the perfect balance between fashion trends and functionality of designs. We always aim to combine a sense of glamour, versatility and comfort to help women express their uniqueness and sense of style.”

Ferrer says they are thrilled to come to FN PLATFORM to debut the brand in the United States. Their retail partners in many tourist destinations around Spain have said that their best clients for the Ferrer collections are people from the USA.

Now, with the younger Ferrer at the helm, the family brand continues to prosper with just as much pizzazz as it had over 40 years ago.