eBay + Rebecca Minkoff Launch a Connected Store in SoHo

eBay + Rebecca Minkoff Launch a Connected Store in SoHo

Monday, December 08 2014

eBay and Rebecca Minkoff partnership explores technology integration; launches connected retail concept in SoHo.

The game has changed. In-store retail has entered the new frontier with the partnership of designer Rebecca Minkoff and eBay Inc.’s retail innovation team. They have developed an in-store, high-tech, full sensory experience where you will definitely want to tweet a selfie in front of their 122-inch, ultra high-def display mirror called the “connected wall.” They recently launched two of these futuristic stores in New York and San Francisco.

This connected wall is where all the magic happens. It brings the digital world into your physical shopping excursion. It offers videos and brand content from their social channels along with merchandise information, and of course, the Rebecca Minkoff mobile app. There is a connected wall in the storefront and the fun continues in the dressing room.

You really can have the best of both worlds for a completely fulfilling shopping experience. You get the online shopping technology at your fingertips while you are actually in store touching the merchandise and seeing how it really fits, feels and looks. You do not have to get connected though; you can still shop “the old way.” But if you want to connect, you simply check in on the PayPal app to begin the experience, and then you will receive a text when your dressing room is ready.

Rebecca Minkoff’s partnership with eBay is leading the way in the convergence of high-tech and in-store retail. No more waiting for the sales clerk to come back to the dressing room so you can ask for a different size or style. Simply use the touch screen to make your requests and a stylist will be ready. There's no more wishing or wondering about other items that would work well with what you have in the dressing room; all the information you could possibly want from the brand is right there while you are ready to try and buy.

Tech and retail insider, Bob Schwartz (Managing Partner, 47B Street; former Founder & GM Nordstrom.com; former President at Magento) says:

 “Today’s leaders know they need to embrace technology to survive, let alone to win. Over the next decade, there will be an enormous amount of change and wealth creation for those who become great at leveraging technology to create new and interesting retail experiences on and off line. We call this trend ‘The Weaponization of Retail,’ and Rebecca Minkoff has been doing a great job testing and learning what is possible and what works for their customers with their partnership with eBay retail innovation group.”

The in-store tech makes for a win-win shopping experience, as shoppers can look at merchandise, try things on and make new decisions based on their current picks right from the dressing room. Meanwhile, the retailer also gets more than one chance to make a customer happy. If one or several items didn’t work, their stylist will continue bringing similar and/or complementary items. The retailer is also gleaning valuable information on what is working digitally and what is not making the connection.

You can also check out virtually and receive your receipt digitally. The curation of a whole ensemble works from the technology behind the RFID tags in the merchandise. Shoppers can also enter a phone number and get a link to things they have tried on, so they can buy online later if they want to delay the purchase. Technology enabled retail seems futuristic, but it is analogous to how we felt about Wi-Fi on airplanes. We never had it, then we got a taste of it and now we cannot live without it. 

The new modern day shopping dilemma may be trying to find an available fitting room because who wants to leave a perfectly lit dressing room with a personal stylist and drinks?