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Interview with Yeardley Smith, founder of women's footwear brand, Marchez Vous.

A look at how some retailers are taking inspiration from the traditional general store. How modern general stores are set up and what consumers like about them and buy from them.

MAGIC’s in-depth look at the state of omni-channel marketing and e-commerce for fashion brands and retailers in 2014 and 2015.

A picture's worth a thousand words. Here's how to make your Instagram page worth it.

How fashion brands, retailers and marketers can connect with society’s most technologically proficient group of consumers 

Expand your digital community with these Mobile Apps. Here are seven every successful fashion brand must know!

Your website matters. Here are six components that will attract customers and compel them to make purchases.

Children’s fashion brands need to know their consumers. Today’s moms are not cooking, cleaning, and watching soap operas while they wait for the breadwinners to walk back through their doors; they are running their households, juggling careers, surfing the web, and interacting on their smartphones – all while making most of the executive decisions about family purchases – to the tune of $2.4 trillion collectively per year.

Interview with co-founders of Bachelor Shoes, who will be showing their collection at FN PLATFORM in February 2015.

We've created "The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest" for fashion, interior, beauty and lifestyle brands in 2015. Want to create a Pinterest strategy that drives community, content and commerce? Well we wrote it for you – for FREE. 

With 225+ million useres, it's time you master your brand's digital presence on Twitter with these five tips!

Interview with Aquatalia about their upcoming February 2015 men's footwear launch at FN PLATFORM.

Millennials have become the most powerful, brand-savvy consumer group around the globe. These hyperconnected, collaborative consumers are not consumers of traditional media. They are not interested in traditional women's magazines like Cosmopolitan or reality TV shows like The Real Housewives of Orange County. Today’s millennials watch Netflix and skim BuzzFeed.

5 kidswear brands you can't miss at playground in February 2015.

A look at why customers love shopping the stores of two of WWDMAGIC's most beloved brands. 

Founder and CEO of Stitch Fix, Katrina Lake, discusses her company with trend forecaster and fashion marketing professor, Wendy Bendoni. Lake talks about what women really want when they shop and the challenges that traditional retailers are facing in-store and online.

An exclusive interview with editor-in-chief Lauren Indvik on the future of mobile technology, shopping and e-commerce. The hottest platforms and apps are just coming to market and that means new revenue streams for fashion brands and retailers. 

Our exclusive video interview with costume designer Mandi Line on how she got her start in costume design and how it got her to Pretty Little Liars. 

In an exclusive interview with Dhani Mau of, we discover what it takes to become a successful fashion writer and online journalist covering retail and business in New York City. held their annual "How To Make It In Fashion" conference in Los Angeles in November. From costume designer to bloggers, denim designers to anyone who's someone in the LA Fashion scene made their way presence known at The Line hotel in Koreatown. Check out exclusive video interview with speakers and writers. 

Costume designers are an important part of fashion. The characters that they design and bring to life through wardrobe styling drive trends and apparel sales. Hollywood's fashion influencers share their secrets in our SOURCING HOLLYWOOD series each month. 

Three ways Jeanologia is making denim production and manufacturing more sustainable through its innovative technologies and processes. 

Fashion is inspirational, aspirational and emotional. There are some brands are masters of design, story and aesthetics. What’s more, these brands show their fashion collections in The TENTS,  ENKVegas and FN PLATFORM. 

According to Experian, for every $1 spent on email marketing, $44.25 is the average return on investment, elevating it head and shoulders above any other form of digital marketing. For retailers, email is a lucrative marketing tactic if implemented correctly. So how does one go about acquiring, converting, nurturing, retaining and continually activating their email list? Here are our nine tips for email marketing success.

eBay and Rebecca Minkoff partnership explores technology integration; launches connected retail concept in SoHo.

Given Facebook’s ever-evolving nature, many brands do not know how to navigate the platform to continue their success. Here are eight tips from marketing experts on how to leverage your brand on Facebook.

In a marketplace as comprehensive as MAGIC’s, it can be cumbersome to find the brands you’re searching for, or stumble across the next big thing. That’s why our communities are strategically merchandised by category, so you can find what you want, faster. Take a peek at The MAGIC Show Floor Guide for February 2015.

First we tweeted, then we tumbled; now we pin our interests and desires into digital collections. When it comes to fashion, there is no social technology based on imagery that brands do not utilize to delight their audiences.

Tips on how to maximize your effectiveness as a buyer at a fashion trade show.

If you are an apparel, footwear, or accessories designer who has decided to launch your own line, there comes a time when you want grow your line. In order to develop better brand awareness and build revenue, you have to increase your product distribution.

FN PLATFORM presents an excellent, at-a-glance buyers guide on details to note for Spring/Summer 2015. Be sure to maximize your time while on the FN PLATFORM floor - print this for a handy guide!

This month, LS:N Global held their quarterly consumer trends briefing. For those of you unfamiliar with LS:N Global, it is the international trends network at The Future Laboratory. Their consumer insights are some of the best in the retail industry.

It’s been a year-round, non-seasonal success for Michelle and Ash Ghoulmore’s Kreepsville 666 brand for almost a decade. It’s who they are, it’s what they love, and their last name leaves no room for doubt. 

This month, we talked about mass customization and we profiled active/athletic footwear consumers. To go along with those pieces, we’ve compiled merchandising tips—both online and in-store—to help you achieve successful sales.

Many retailers can increase profit margins by sourcing, manufacturing and creating their own private label lines. There are three steps to finding success that all retailers must follow.

Dan Lawson, costume designer of "The Good Wife," spills it all!

Check out some of the most prominent brands in our February 2015 lineup.

What never goes out of style? Staying healthy, of course. Look around, the concept of living a healthy and active lifestyle, embodied in The Zen Movement, is everywhere. Spiritually, the movement starts with the nourishment of the body (eating organic, locally-grown, non-GMO, pesticide-free foods) and ends with the nourishment of the soul (yoga, meditation, mind-body balance). With respect to retail, this movement has incited an “ath-leisure” approach, a “do better and be better” mindset, to the activewear market.

Wednesday, November 05 2014

Here is a sneak peak into some of the most noteworthy brands new to MAGIC this coming February.

A look at the resurgence of American manufacturing and the return of products made in the USA. 

It takes a unique sense of creativity and confidence to cobble together items like broken rosary beads and various supplies from hardware and thrift stores to create coveted pieces, but these random combinations are what set Karyn Cantor’s Classic Hardware apart. 

Remember this name. Michael A. Davis II. He’s one of the two WSA/FIDM Footwear Scholar Design Winners. He’ll likely have a booth of his own at MAGIC one day! Michael shares his journey here.

Remember this name. Anthony Robert. He’s one of the two WSA/FIDM Footwear Scholar Design Winners. He’ll likely have a booth of his own at MAGIC one day! He shares his journey here.

Sustainable manufacturing processes, benchmarks, resources, principles, and certifications every brand, designer, and manufacturer should know.

The desire to feel creative again was what ultimately led to Mackenzie and Blaine’s life on the road. They packed their business, The Local Branch, and their life into an Airstream trailer where they create one-of-a-kind items (apparel, leather goods, accessories) inspired by the wherever their journey leads them.  

Twin brothers, Mike and Alex Faherty launched their Faherty Brand clothing line only a year ago but the idea has been part of their lives since childhood. It may look like an overnight success, as they already do business with big names like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Barneys, Fred Segal and global accounts, but it’s truly the cumulative effect of thought and action over many years.  

This woman is on a mission! She wanted to start a non-profit, but the red tape and time involved were overwhelming. So, Studio Penny Lane is a for-profit business, but it’s truly all about the cause behind it. Founder, Laurie Libman-Wilson wants to spread the message of gratitude and mindfulness, one penny at a time. 

Julie Kuo, VP of Qupid Shoes, has what it takes to run at top speed to grow her brand in the uber-fast paced niche of fast fashion shoes. The high energy of the brand that drives their vast design selection was evident at their MAGIC booth.

Fashion forward meets funny meets dachshund. The Bean Goods line is a unique, fun line of dachshund themed clothing and accessories inspired by Co-founder and Creative Director Claire Wolfson’s dog, Bean.  Claire found the perfect way to mix her talent of design with her passion for dachshunds. 

2014-2015 retail trend report for fashion, home, lifestyle and other relevant verticals.

Explore the world of virtual interior designing with Laurel & Wolf, contract special effect printing with SGIA, and the science of denim finishing with Jeanologia. Here's the inside scoop from MAGIC August 2014.

Learn about the resources and tools Cotton Inc. and Cotton University have to offer. Check out videos from August's show!

Hal Rubenstein has been leading the charge of unearthing the biggest fashion trends coming out of MAGIC Market Week. The guest fashion director of WWDMAGIC and editor at large for InStyle magazine dished on some of the top trends for spring from the show.

Monica Wise, founder of L*Space Swimwear ( had been working retail and owned stores in Florida when she began making bikinis for friends on the side. As a visionary without any fashion training, she found help from a great pattern maker who understood her aesthetic and could interpret her vision on paper. 

Attention die-hard Pretty Little Liars fans! You may think you know everything about the Liars’ wardrobe, but guess again. People's Choice  (click to view original article) caught up with the show’s costume designer, Mandi Line, who clued them into a few fun facts you may have previously missed. 

Tuesday, August 12 2014

We’re just two weeks away and anxiously awaiting our August show. Below we’ve highlighted the top 20 microtrends happenings across Juniors, Swimwear, Accessories, Womenswear, and Subculture that you definitely won’t want to miss! 

Tuesday, August 12 2014

This year we’ve revamped our blogger program and partnered with WWD to create the WWD Social House in order to demonstrate the evolution of influence to attendees, brands, and retailers. Aside from engaging panel discussions and trend highlights, you can learn about the shifting definition of influence from the fastest rising stars on Vine, YouTube, Instagram, as well as the leading costume designers of the top shows on TV, Hulu, and Netflix.  We’ve highlighted the people you must follow for August 2014.


Don't miss these "must buy" styles of the Autumn / Winter season. Download and print this valuable buyer's guide and be sure to shop WSA@MAGIC brands such Mona Mia, Realplay, Summer Rio, Qupid, Cape Robbin, Bestfit, J.P. Original, Fortune Dynamnic, Kimer, Volar, Blossom and more!

See the hottest shoe trends in August showing at FN PLATFORM! FN PLATFORM presents an excellent, at-a-glance buyers guide on details to note for Spring/Summer 2015. Be sure to maximize your time while on the FN PLATFORM floor—print this for a handy guide!

This August we have an extraordinary line-up of exhibitors, parties, fashion shows and speakers. PLUS - today we are releasing our new digital MAPS feature - guaranteed to help make your MAGIC experience even better.

As the August 2013 winner of WWDMAGIC’s Creme de la Creme Contest and participant in the Emerging Designer Showcase, Aleem Arif, Founder of Bano eeMee (luxurious leather jackets, blazers, and structured ‘mixed media’ clothing) received a round trip ticket to Paris, hotel accommodations, and a meet-and-greet with the Galeries Lafayette women’s buyer. Now he's showing at MAGIC's August 2014 show.

Thinking of starting a fashion line and don't know where to start? President of SOURCING at MAGIC, Christopher Griffin, offers expert advice on how to navigate developing production relationships with vendors at MAGIC's August 2014 show.

Thursday, July 31 2014

Check out the brand line up at each of our nine shows and click here to register for MAGIC so that you can see it all first-hand this August in Vegas.


They say there's never a bad time to start a good business. Troels Engholm, founder of Lines of Denmark ( proves the point, having launched his business in the last quarter of 2007, just as the recession officially began that year in December.

When it comes to fashion and design, terms such as “design,” “form,” “function,” and “style” come to mind. Now, as technology continues to impact the design of the garments we wear, other terms such as “wearable,” “kinetic,” “biometric,” “organic,” and “connected-self” are becoming more common as well. Last season, we explored the topic of wearable technology in SOURCING at MAGIC. This season, we’re exploring 3D printing.

Spring and Summer (also considered resort) are something that fashion buyers are currently purchasing to carry in store and online. Here are the top five trends for Resort 2015 that any retailers should be looking to carry for their female shoppers.

Mario de la Torre, co-founder of Rosario, shares his journey as a designer. Mario says, “We’ve built a business based on love—our brand is about loving your job and taking ownership. Many focus only on the bottom line, we are deeper. We want to stimulate the economy here at home, where we can see it.”

Zoë Chatfield-Taylor, the company namesake, is the daughter of co-founder Dorian Lightbown. But nobody can say nepotism is the reason that Zoë works at NIC+ZOE ( Clearly, she’s there because she has a passion and education in fashion and merchandising. That, and she loves working with her mother, Dorian, on their collection of innovative knitwear, clothing, and accessories.

Consumers are focusing on the heritage of traditional handcraftsmanship. Here is a look at the craftsmanship trend in fashion.

Information on the A/W 2015 fashion trend of modern and organic.

Everything Joah Brown did as a child and an adult has serendipitously led to the launching of her clothing line, Joah Brown, which she runs with her cousin, Sydney Brown Wagner.

The line launched just over a year ago in March 2013 and ever since then the co-founders have not stopped working. The combination of affordable, fashion forward designs, creativity, and an absolute will to succeed have led to remarkably fast success for Joah Brown Clothing. It helps that the co-founders are young and don’t require much sleep.

A look inside the fashion comfort trend for A/W 2014-2015.

This month, MAGIC brands have explored the many components of successful marketing for women’s brands. From social media to websites, we are helping our exhibitors and retailers understand the evolving online landscape by looking at the successful practices of the brands that exhibit at FN PLATFORM, SOURCING, and WWDMAGIC. 

For footwear designers and retailers, a website help brings marketing success. We discuss six elements of successful shoe website designs.

Thank you to all of our brands who participated in MAGIC's Up & Coming Spotlight! Be sure to check out all of our must-see up & coming designers at the show. Big congratulations to Faherty, our official fan favorite up-and-comer for MAGIC August 2014, as well as our three lucky voters who will be hooked up with some premium product.

5 Steps To Turn Your Idea Into A Business & Be Ready to Exhibit Next Time

Useful and beneficial tips for first time exhibitors! Plan for a successful tradeshow experience.

The Cool Cats Club clothing line launched in 2012, but the name goes back to founder Lindsey Charest’s second grade class. Lindsey and her two best friends were called the Cool Cats Club and the name has held a special place in Lindsey’s heart ever since.  Inspired by girls’ friendship and the similarity that Lindsey sees between girls and cats, she named the line accordingly. She says, “Cats are mysterious, unpredictable, moody, graceful and beautiful creatures and the line represents all of that and more.”

While MAGIC is just around the corner, you can already start planning for your spring wardrobe (yes, already). FN Platform's Leslie Gallin, the president of footwear for Advanstar Global, runs four huge footwear shows every year and talks to everyone from emerging designers to established brands. Here she shares five of the biggest shoe trends for next spring. 

Hal Rubenstein, Guest Fashion Director at WWDMAGIC, shares his top trends to watch for on the MAGIC floor this August.

Wildflower is a great example of what can happen when preparation meets opportunity or in this case, when the stars all align...literally.

Thursday, June 19 2014

We caught up with Deepak Gayadin over at Tiger of Sweden to talk about their new pop-up shop, suits and style.

Thursday, June 19 2014

We spent an afternoon with Alex and Mike Faherty, brothers and founders of Faherty Brand to find out what's new and what's next.  ​

A look at the resurgence of American manufacturing and the return of products made in the USA. 

Major players, not only in the fashion industry, but also in retail, healthcare, automotive, food & beverage, and government are gathering at summits and conferences around the world to address, encourage, and develop sustainable strategies. As an established or upcoming brand, designer, or manufacturer, it’s important to know who and where the top players are meeting.

This month, we’ve taken a deep dive into sustainable manufacturing and design, exploring what it is, why it’s important and how you can begin integrating sustainable practices into your business models. Aside from the supply chain side of sustainability, designers’ and brands’ biggest challenges lie in creating sustainable fashion that looks and feels good, with the latter two aspects still being the primary decision factors for driving purchases. So how do you convince consumers to buy more consciously-made goods? Below are how five brands and retailers are approaching sustainability with both their business and customers in mind.

Sustainable manufacturing processes, benchmarks, resources, principles, and certifications every brand, designer, and manufacturer should know.


Millennials have become the most powerful, brand savvy consumer group around the globe. These hyperconnected, collaborative consumers are not consumers of traditional media. They are not interested in traditional women's magazines like Cosmopolitan or reality tv shows like The Real Housewives of Orange County. Today’s millennials watch Netflix and skim BuzzFeed.

Learn about five key profiles in men's footwear.



Did you ever believe that you’d read the headline, “Men Outspend Women When It Comes To Footwear?” In the UK last year, men ages 18-44 outspent their female counterparts on shoes (1). Last year, Rakuten LinkShare found that fashion accounts for 83% of men’s total online spending (2). This year, another study showed that men shop online more than women do, showing that 22% of them shop on smart phones and 20% on tablets (3).

Even if you feel that you are fashionably late to the Twitter party, it does not mean that you cannot master the platform and make up for lost time. Here are five tips for using Twitter for your footwear brand.

Nature USA's full-service, vertically-integrated garment manufacturing facility is located in Rancho Dominguez, CA, but this state of the art, eco-friendly operation has humble beginnings that trace back to Iran in the 1940’s.

The business could easily have been called ‘Matthew’s Scarves’ but instead, founder Matthew Schildkret chose to name it after that coveted feeling of a late Sunday afternoon. He asks “Where were you late Sunday afternoon? I created Late Sunday Afternoon as a way to inspire that perfect time in the week when cares are minimal, love is flowing, and time is eternal. I believe that this perfect time should come wrapped in a perfect garment.”

If I’m ever feeling down, I’m going to call Jeff Fitzhugh, Sanuk’s VP of Sales North America, his energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Both he and Sanuk founder, Jeff Kelley, truly embody the fun that the Sanuk brand represents. It doesn't get more authentic; they’re living the dream. Sanuk is a Thai word that means fun and happiness and it’s a big part of their company culture.