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Interview with co-founder and chief visionary of Baldwin Denim, Matt Baldwin.

Interview with Alan Johnson, President of Delman Shoes.

Interview with Chris Woodfood, head designer and director of Crown Northampton Shoes, who will show at FN PLATFORM in February 2015.

Interview with Joaquim Ferrer of Ferrer Shoes & Handbags.

Interview with Yeardley Smith, founder of women's footwear brand, Marchez Vous.

It’s been a year-round, non-seasonal success for Michelle and Ash Ghoulmore’s Kreepsville 666 brand for almost a decade. It’s who they are, it’s what they love, and their last name leaves no room for doubt. 

It takes a unique sense of creativity and confidence to cobble together items like broken rosary beads and various supplies from hardware and thrift stores to create coveted pieces, but these random combinations are what set Karyn Cantor’s Classic Hardware apart. 

Remember this name. Michael A. Davis II. He’s one of the two WSA/FIDM Footwear Scholar Design Winners. He’ll likely have a booth of his own at MAGIC one day! Michael shares his journey here.

Remember this name. Anthony Robert. He’s one of the two WSA/FIDM Footwear Scholar Design Winners. He’ll likely have a booth of his own at MAGIC one day! He shares his journey here.

The desire to feel creative again was what ultimately led to Mackenzie and Blaine’s life on the road. They packed their business, The Local Branch, and their life into an Airstream trailer where they create one-of-a-kind items (apparel, leather goods, accessories) inspired by the wherever their journey leads them.  

Twin brothers, Mike and Alex Faherty launched their Faherty Brand clothing line only a year ago but the idea has been part of their lives since childhood. It may look like an overnight success, as they already do business with big names like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Barneys, Fred Segal and global accounts, but it’s truly the cumulative effect of thought and action over many years.  

This woman is on a mission! She wanted to start a non-profit, but the red tape and time involved were overwhelming. So, Studio Penny Lane is a for-profit business, but it’s truly all about the cause behind it. Founder, Laurie Libman-Wilson wants to spread the message of gratitude and mindfulness, one penny at a time. 

Julie Kuo, VP of Qupid Shoes, has what it takes to run at top speed to grow her brand in the uber-fast paced niche of fast fashion shoes. The high energy of the brand that drives their vast design selection was evident at their MAGIC booth.

Fashion forward meets funny meets dachshund. The Bean Goods line is a unique, fun line of dachshund themed clothing and accessories inspired by Co-founder and Creative Director Claire Wolfson’s dog, Bean.  Claire found the perfect way to mix her talent of design with her passion for dachshunds. 

Monica Wise, founder of L*Space Swimwear ( had been working retail and owned stores in Florida when she began making bikinis for friends on the side. As a visionary without any fashion training, she found help from a great pattern maker who understood her aesthetic and could interpret her vision on paper.