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The Official February 2017 MAGIC Buyer's Guides are here. Get a sneak peek of can't-miss-brands, show maps and a day-by-day list of events and seminars all organized by buying category. Start prepping for your upcoming Vegas trip here!

MAGIC Buyer's Guides

NEW MAGIC Brands to Know NOW

MAGIC grants you access to the hottest new and up-and-coming brands in womenswear, menswear, footwear, children's and accessories, as well as textiles and materials. Check out a sneak peek of some of the new brands you can meet at MAGIC this Feburary 2017, as well as a preview in some of the most innovative materials for 2017.

A sneak peek into some of the biggest men's, women's, children's and footwear brands you can expect to see at MAGIC this February - 

A sneak peek into some of the BIGGEST Foowear brands at MAGIC - 

Here's a sneak peek at the new, up-and-coming Footwear brands you can expect to see at MAGIC this February - 

MAGIC August 2015 put attendees a step in the right direction. Get the full recap of MAGIC Footwear here - 

How will you mix and match your look? From men's contemporary to luxury designs, fast fashion and lifestyle-inspired, the possibilities for statement footwear are endless. 

Learn about strategies that will help grow your footwear business and gain insights into upcoming footwear trends. 

In an effort to bolster its commitment to sustainability, Adidas announced on Monday that it would begin developing materials out of plastic ocean waste to ultimately use in its products.

Overview of 2014 footwear trends and news as well as a forecast for the footwear industry in 2015. Read this summary of our "U.S. Footwear Industry 2014 Review and 2015 Outlook" seminar from the February 2015 show.

Interview with Alan Johnson, President of Delman Shoes.

Interview with Chris Woodfood, head designer and director of Crown Northampton Shoes, who will show at FN PLATFORM in February 2015.

Interview with Yeardley Smith, founder of women's footwear brand, Marchez Vous.

Interview with Aquatalia about their upcoming February 2015 men's footwear launch at FN PLATFORM.

Fashion is inspirational, aspirational and emotional. There are some brands are masters of design, story and aesthetics. What’s more, these brands show their fashion collections in The TENTS,  ENKVegas and FN PLATFORM.